Powder Coating

Los Angeles, CA

When you need to hire a powder coating contractor in Los Angeles, you want a company with the experience and equipment to do everything at their location by employees, not subcontractors.

What do you need powder coated?

At Noel Welding Center, we powder coat ANY metal item. With thousands of finish colors, textures and glosses to choose from, we make it easy to find that perfect custom look.

inside powder coating room

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality powder coating finishes for our Los Angeles customers.

Our spraying booth and curing oven can handle metal objects up to 20′ in length. This allows us to powder coat most household items and commercial parts.

Homeowners typically ask us to powder coat their metal patio furniture, outdoor gates, fences and railings.

To ensure it gets the best possible finish, we will sandblast the item to its bare metal before we begin the powder coating refinishing process.

You can depend on our powder coaters to correctly clean, coat and cure your metal items per manufacturer’s recommendations and AAMA specifications. Generally, powder is best suited to metal substrates that can withstand 400° F temperature without losing its integrity.

Our powder coat finishes are TOUGH

Eco-centric customers tell us all the time they want a product finish that is durable, attractive, scratch-resistant, long lasting and eco-friendly. For these reasons we always recommend a powder coat finish instead of liquid paint. When cured, powder coating forms a protective finish that is much harder than conventional paint. Plus, powder coating contains no solvents and releases zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Limitless colors to choose from

We carry a variety of manufacturer products for your coating requirements. All provide high quality, thermosetting powders that are “green” – environmentally speaking.

Click on any logo below to view their color charts

Note: If you find a color from a different company we can order it

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Unsure what color to pick? We can help you decide based on our experience and knowledge of the latest industry trends.

What’s your coating application?

Unlike applied paint, powder coat finishing will lengthen your metal product’s life and give it a better finish. A powder coated metal finish will be more color durable and have a less environmental impact.

Below is a short list of end-product industry applications for metal powder coating. All are uniquely suited for metal and aluminum composites.

  • Aircraft
  • Agricultural
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Bicycle
  • Construction
  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Household
  • Industrial
  • Lighting
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Motorcycle
  • Retail

Recent powder coated items

We perform our powder blasting service at our shop in Chatsworth, CA. However, we can arrange for pickup and delivery for a fee depending on the location and quantity.

Below are some example of metal items we’ve recently powder coated. Use the slider to see BEFORE versus AFTER.

before powder coating
after powder coating
before powder coating
after powder coating