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Noel Welding Center

If your project requires a custom-built metal item, or the repair / restoration of a metal object, Noel Welding Center can handle it. We specialize in welding & fabrication, powder coating and sandblasting metal products.

How can we help?

Noel Welding Center is fully licensed, insured and bonded to operate in Los Angeles, CA. Our staff includes highly trained and experienced welders, powder coaters and sandblasters. For over 30 years we have satisfied countless customers in need of our services.




welder at work

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Los Angeles, CA

You can depend on us to finish a superior welded product on schedule and within budget for your residential home, commercial business or industrial facility in Los Angeles.

We can weld on-site or back at our shop to get the job done to your exact specifications.

  • Welding Repairs
  • Mobile Welding Service
  • Metal Fabrication
employee powder coating metal object

Powder Coating Metal

Los Angeles, CA

You will be amazed by our powder coating results! We can transform metal objects that look old and dull to something new and beautiful. Plus, if your powder coated object has a broken or missing metal piece, we can probably weld it back or fabricate it.

  • Powder Coated Tough
  • Limitless Colors
  • Eco-Friendly
employee ready to start sandblasting

Sandblasting Metal

Los Angeles, CA

Do you want to restore a rusty or corroded metal object so it can be used again?

Back at our shop we can blast objects to their bare metal in our sandblasting room or cabinet. You will not find any trace of paint, coating or rust after we sandblast its surface. Plus, if a part of your item is too damaged from corrosion, our welding specialists can probably fabricate its replacement.

Achieve the results you need with sandblasting.